“Humble Beginnings”
Growing up on a farm with very little money, he knows the value of resources, and how to use them wisely

“Trained Since Birth”
His father trained him from birth to be athletic, acrobatic, and skilled with a blade

“Avenger of Family”
His one goal is to avenge his father’s murder, he will do whatever it takes to accomplish this

“Man of few Words”
He does not talk very often, using as few words as necessary to get his point across, because of this, most people view him as cold or untrustworthy, however, this is not true, he just prefers to be silent

“Works for no One”
He does not accept orders from anyone. He is his own boss, and prefers it stay that way.

“One Friend, One Trust”
Leonix Valencia is the only person he has ever met that he could relate with, and the only person that he trusts completely

“Destiny of an Assassin”
He is fated to become the greatest assassin the world has ever known, once he avenges his father

Stealth: 4
Melee Weapons: 4
Athletics: 4
Alertness: 3
Endurance: 3
Intimidation: 2

h3 Stunts:

Melee Weapons
Weapon Specialist (Short Sword)

Combat Dodge
Spider Climb

In Plain Sight

Light Armour -0 Absorbs 1 Minor consequence
Short Sword +2 Close combat weapon
Smoke Bombs



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