Morgan Black

A Rebellious Force Mage



“Rage Against The Other Side”
Morgan’s father was among the greatest of necromancers, and encouraged Morgan to study the art as well. However, Morgan’s interests and talents pulled him towards force magic, as such Morgan’s bond with his father is lacking at best.

“The Last Dragon Lord”
Although Morgan doesn’t yet know it, he is the last of the Dragon Lords, and as such is destined to protect the dragons from all who would seek them harm.

“Kill [Josh’s Character]”
Morgan is destined to be the ultimate downfall of his friend [Josh’s Character].

“Lost Ties”
Morgan has abandoned his friends and family in favor of a life of adventure.

“Ivy League”
Morgan attended one of the preeminent magical institution in the world, and as such tends to be a tad on the arrogant side.

“Wanderlust, among others”
Morgan is a hedonist, living in the moment, and as such gives in to many of his baser urges, when hungry, he eats; when horny, he fucks.

“Untapped Power”
Of late, Morgan has been displaying some strange abilities lately, for now he passes them off as just his magic expressing itself in new ways, even though he knows that this isn’t the case, or if it is, he was never taught about it.

Morgan is of a philosophical bent, and believe that life carries no intristic value or point.


Power of Telekinesis: 4
Power Of Dimensions: 3
Endurance: 3
Power of Time: 2
Power of Force: 2
Knowledge: 2
Melee Weapons: 2
Academics: 1
Stealth: 1


Power Of Dimensions:

Create Portal

Power of Force:

Create Force

Power of Telekinesis:





Morgan Black

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