Leonix Valencia



“Fighting From Birth”
He grew up on the streets of a land in termoil, where the fires of war burned brightly between people of the same race and creed. Children like Leonix, who had no parents, were used as child soldiers to fight in this civil war. Leonix managed to avoid that fate by learning to fight for hinmself, but by the time the war subsided, he was never the less changed.

“I Follow My Own Path”
Leonix believes that there is no reason for anything unless people give it reason. He gives his life meaning through this principal- he obtained a large sum of wealth through unscruplusous means during the war- and by doing so he will never be killed by the likes of weak men who believe in nonsense like destiny.

“Leonix Valencia In… God Dies Before Sunrise”
Wars take many lives away. Humans never forget the grief, but they also never stop the fighting. Streams of blood and tears are only an ornament for their destructive ritual.

“Never Waste An Opportunity… To Sleep”
After staying awake for many hours at a time, working to sustain his tortured soul, the horrid memories he carries of war will become blurry and almost faded. That is when Leonix sleeps, and nothing will wake him. Not even the terrified screams of a pregnant woman who is being eaten alive, uterus and all, by 3 ravenous dogs.

“Once And Future King”
Leonix is the once and future king, destined to unite the kingdoms of man!

“Every Shadow Requires A Light”
Leonix realized long ago that in order for him to not go insane he would have to learn to control the darkness inside him, or find a light to help supress it. Morgan Black is that light. He is a friend that Leonix can trust and once in a while live vicariously through.

“The King’s Gambit”
Leonix is really quite intelligent. Especially when it comes to strategy and tactics. This also makes him a mean chess player.

Though this may seem contradictory to his somewhat cold exterior, by fighting Leonix is only trying to protect the things he is afraid of losing.

Melee Weapons: 4
Athletics: 4
Might: 3
Alertness: 3
Endurance: 3
Resolve: 2
Empathy: 2

Physical: OOOOOOO
Composure: OOOOOO

Half Plate Armour -2 Absorbs 1 Minor, 1 Major, 1 Severe consequence. Aspects: Noisy, Hot
War Shield -1 Absorbs 1 Major consequence Aspects: Cumbersome, Wall of Protection
Bastard Sword +3/4 Aspects: Can be used one or two handed.


Combat Dodge

Melee Weapons:
Weapon Specialist (Bastard Sword)
Shield Training

Hit Them Where It Hurts


Leonix Valencia

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